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The bronze door of luxury villa reflects the noble identity of the owner, with extraordinary bearing, which often brings a solemn and sacred feeling to people. The performance characteristics of copper doors are outstanding, there is a vast consumer market, and the styles and patterns of copper doors are diverse. After copper art treatment, the effect of the atmospheric appearance and exquisite details of the villa copper doors is self-evident.
1. The bronze door can be embossed, hollowed out and forged to depict auspicious patterns. Some luxurious villa copper doors often use European style, and draw lessons from western architectural decorative elements in detail carving. For example, on both sides of the copper door, many classical Greek and Rome column styles, such as Doric, ionic, Corinth, TASI dry and composite, are used, which makes the overall feeling of gorgeous atmosphere.
2. The copper door of the villa is a product with strong appearance and practicability. The copper door has a thick and luxurious temperament, which makes the limited space play an infinite bearing. The copper door is warm, corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidation, and not easy to be damaged, which makes the copper door have a high security. It is the "Guardian God" of the family and can also be used as the villa door.
3. The copper door of villa is a kind of customized product, which can be customized according to the customer's needs, such as the size of the copper door, the thickness of the door plate, and the carving decoration. Therefore, the price of copper doors is determined by these factors: large area, complex carving, thick copper plate and high price of natural products.
4. The maintenance of the copper door is very important to maintain the integrity of the external paint to prevent bumping and impact. If the paint on the surface falls off, it needs to brush the similar paint on the copper door, usually we can use a dry towel to clean it.